I have a huge problem of overthinking things... Especially those things that matter the most to me.  I've always wanted to be able to put an entire collection of goods together that were branded by me.  Well... this was the first efforts, ha.  I hope you can appreciate some very basic goods that remind you to be you.  For me, Cardinals stand out for absolutely nothing besides being Red.  We are all Cardinals to someone who is paying attention.

To finally make the decision to move toward products in addition to services, was a hurdle in itself.  For years I have built a personal brand off of my engagement with people based on my eye for detailed and simplistic.  As a barber, especially during this last year, I've learned the value I have in network and in reputation.  I've been on a mission to find a way to spread my message and values to others.  I decided that the start would be a t-shirt (that led to many other goods, ha.).  I'm excited to be able to finally be in a place to release more goods designed by me that can last a lot longer than a haircut, ha.  Thanks in advance for following me on my journey!

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